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Welcome back in 2017 :)!

It’s the beginning of the year and we are all making lists upon lists. We are including what we should do, what we shouldn’t do, what bad habits or terrible manners to break or change, what healthy habits to start, what personal development books to read, how to be nicer, better and more useful to us and to others, how to save the world and ourselves.

If you have any kind of list, that’s wonderful – follow it, but feel free to adjust along the way if something no longer corresponds with who you are or what you do or what you want. If you do not have such a list, don’t feel guilty – life will go on smoothly even without well-thought plans, all you need to do is to be ready to enjoy its opportunities. No matter if you have plans for the coming year or not, below are some of our proposals for 2017, worth considering, we hope. Simple things, but not small ones, realistic and achievable – we would be delighted if you would include them in your thoughts or deeds in 2017.

So, here are five things to do in 2017:

  1. Travel to a new destination.

Whether it is a destination close or far away from where you live, whether it is in your country, on your continent or somewhere else, whether it is famous or less famous, find the destination that you intend to visit at any cost in 2017. And if you haven’t been to Romania yet, we are waiting for you with open arms :).

Photo source: Octav Dragan

  1. Travel inside yourselves more than you have done it before and a bit more outside yourselves. 

Travel within your own boundaries, expand them and travel outside them, even if it seems difficult or impossible. Explore, experiment, dare. Tear down a preconception, improve your attitude, make new and different friends, test new dishes, new places, and cultivate a new hobby. To travel means, first off any exploring, the availability to research, to know, to assimilate, to enrich ourselves – both within and on the outside.

Photo source: Dincolo de fatade

  1. Travel with a new traveling buddy.

We know that, when you travel, it is essential to be accompanied by a trustworthy partner, eventually a family member, someone to support you and to joyfully agree to travel at your own pace, in your special style. However, should you feel that your travel experiences need a new touch, a new tonus, do not hesitate to hit the road accompanied by a new holiday partner, at least once. A partner to plan your holiday with, to listen to his/her recommendations and together to enjoy everything that is worth discovering. And if you choose to travel in Romania, you can be sure that we are here and that we master the emotional intelligence and travelling skills that your need for a beautiful human experience.

Photo source: La Blouse Roumaine

  1. Avoid travel guides promoting mainstream, traditional tourism.

We know that the most practical and easiest way is to walk the paths already trodden, where there is no room for unpleasant surprises and everything is organized to the last detail. However, we urge you to avoid even for one trip (or at least for a day) printed guides and online suggestions that guide you to the unmissable sights of your destinations. Try walking the city streets at a slow pace, enjoying people, architecture and domestic design. How would it be like to travel to Bucharest and, on the first day, to choose not to visit the Parliament Palace or the Village Museum or any other easily reachable attraction? Instead, to choose to walk accompanied by a local (guide) on the streets perfumed by magnolias, with old and chic houses, whose history lie buried in dusty letters … to enjoy a glass of Romanian wine in a shade garden rarely visited by tourists, looking, listening, assimilating the murmur of the city?

Photo source: Dincolo de fatade

  1. Look for inspiration in people rather than in books (yet starting from books most of the times) or in the recommendations of the travel agencies

As a continuation of the previous point, we would be happy if, on a journey in Romania, you would choose to know, with or without our help, the locals, who tell authentic stories about contemporary Romania, urban or rural, with its traditionalism or, on the contrary, with its modernism. Bucharest, and also other major Romanian cities, are hosting film festivals, music, art and Romanian design festivals, displaying creators, artists, craftsmen and designers with wonderful stories, just waiting to be told, photographed, admired and passed on by oral tradition.  No matter your preferences, we will be happy to show you the Romanians that make us proud (not widely known abroad, but still worthy to be good ambassadors of our country), beyond the tourist Romania within reach of the common tourist. In our endeavor to present you the accessible Romania, we will be glad to show you, in small doses, a side less accessible to tourists, which we are certain your will savor just as much.

Photo source: Octav Dragan

Have we succeeded to convince you to squeeze in at least one of the five recommendations in the list above in your to do list for 2017 :)?

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