Is Romania a family travel destination?

Have you ever asked yourself this question, from thousands miles away? It’s natural to ask yourself this and it is even more natural that the answer would come from a mother traveling together with her daughter in Romania since she was only weeks old: Yes, definitely, Romania is a very friendly family travel destination, regardless of the age and needs of a child, and regardless of his parents’ traveling style.

In this feature we will unveil some of the reasons to take Romania into account for your next family trip, and in the next article we will offer you some suggestions for places and activities just waiting to be discovered and enjoyed together with your children.

Here is what Romania recommends as a traveling destination for families with children:

1. Investments in boarding and entertainment spaces, tourist products and services for families, developed in the past 8 years

The natality boom of 2007-2008 in Romania has brought new challenges for the tourist agencies in this increasingly developing market sector. Young people getting better informed in the field of world travel became parents and now they desire to discover their country and the world together with their children. Tour operators have reacted to this consumer habit spreading among young families and they invested in the hotel infrastructure, created specific services and products, positioned themselves on the market as exclusively or mainly oriented towards families. Thus, family-type rooms, playgrounds inside the compound of boarding houses and hotels, entertainment services for children and babysitting services, menus for children, family hotels, adventure parks and aqua parks are now available.


Location: Kayak ride on Limanu Lake / Photo credit: Stylish Mom

2. Diversity of tourist products in Romania

Thanks to its privileged geographical position, Romania takes price in a vast area of tourist products, all of them highly recommended for families:

  • Romanian Black Sea resorts: a strong point of the Romanian coast is represented by the fine sand beaches and shallow shore waters. Resorts such as Mamaia, Navodari, Saturn and lately Venus can provide a very generous offer for the families with children, from family hotels to recreational activities in kids clubs, supported by entertainers.


Location: Water Sport at the Black Sea Coast / Photo credit: Stylish Mom

  • Danube Gorge: along the Danube River, in the area called the Danube Gorge, located close to the Romanian-Serbian border, there are lots of family-friendly boarding houses, offering healthy fish-based menus, fishing trips, boat trips on the Danube, relaxing moments in the pool, hiking trips, off-road walks and expeditions in the Iron Gates National Park.


Location: Danube Gorges/Photo credit: Stylish Mom

  • Danube Delta is another very popular area among the families these past few years. The delta is spectacular both for children and adults, who can discover it by fast engine boats or by traditional wooden boats sliding through tight channels, populated by more than 300 species of birds and 150 species of fish – that you can watch them closely and take pictures.
  • Spa resorts: they are an alternative to the beach resorts, for those who wish to avoid the commotion of the Black sea coast, yet want to be able to enjoy the benefits of water (this time thermal) and of other natural curative factors. Highly modern spa hotels propose prophylactic cures, beauty sessions and treatments for the parents and enchant the children with aqua parks and playgrounds.


Location: Baile Felix Spa Resort / Photo credit: Lotus Therm

  • Mountain resorts: they are wonderful to explore and to discover in any season. In the summer time, families can try out a tent trip in the weekend, in the winter they can go skiing on modern slopes, trained by skillful instructors, in the snowless seasons they can practice mountain-biking and throughout the whole year they can simply explore mountain areas at their own pace, interacting with the locals. For the more adventurous travelers, the Romanian mountain offers paraglide flights, rafting on rapids, off-road by car and motorcycle.


Location: Hiking in Bran / Photo credit: Stylish Mom

  • Rural tourism: Romanian villages, traditions and natural products coming straight from the peasants’ houses, Romanian hospitality and the love for children, together with a very generous nature that can be discovered by foot or on bike are extremely attractive for children


Location: Near Padina / Photo credit: Stylish Mom

  • Urban tourism or city break tourism: Bucharest, Cluj, Sibiu, Timisoara, Brasov, Constanta are only some of the cites prepared to receive families with children, to offer events, activities and spaces dedicated for children, and also tourist attractions for both adults and children. Christmas markets are one example, a wonderful opportunity for children to get together and to discover the culinary and artistic Romania (link to the Christmas Markets piece).

3. Genuine destination: Romania is a pure destination, where families can discover or rediscover what may be missing or is no longer so present in their own countries: the village, the genuine peasant, the traditions, the healthy products in the rural households, the hospitality of the hosts, the joy to give and to share.


Location: Padina Fest / Photo credit: Stylish Mom

4. Another reason not to be neglected which should attract families with children in our country is the fact that beginning with 2016 smoking in public spaces is forbidden in Romania. Children can accompany adults in any place hosting indoor events (concert, theatrical play, children’s workshop etc.) and they can savor the traditional and international goodies in restaurants all over the country breathing fresh air free from tobacco smoke.

5. Last but not least, Romania is a very safe destination for families with children – tourist areas, but also less known areas are well interconnected by rail, road and plane – even if, why not say it, Romania is not a champion in the motorway sector. However, this inconvenient can be a plus for the adepts of slow-paced tourism, preferring to explore destinations at a less dynamic pace, admiring landscapes and interacting with the locals. On the other hand, Romania is well connected to the modern world with regard to the range of products for babies, able to ensure the parents’ comfort (diapers, food etc.).

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