Christmas markets in Romania in 2017

Here we are again at that time of the year when the magic of Christmas and New Year slowly surrounds us. However, the atmosphere of winter holidays would not be the same without a visit to at least one Christmas market, be it closer or further away from home, famous or less famous.

In Romania, the tradition of Christmas markets is relatively recent compared to other European countries. The first fair of this kind was held almost 10 years ago, in Sibiu, in 2007 – when the city was the European cultural capital. It was then followed by other cities, and today the most famous Christmas markets and fairs in Romania are in Sibiu, Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Timișoara and Brașov.

Christmas Fair in Sibiu, 17.11.2017 – 03.01.2018

The 11th edition of the Sibiu Christmas Fair was inaugurated on November 17th. The 2017 fair brings together over 90 exhibitors, locals and foreigners, and also attractions for children. A grandiose light projection on all the buildings in Piața Mare, making the center of Sibiu is  probably the brightest in the country.

Christmas Market in Bucharest, 01 – 27.12.2017

The first edition took place in 2012, in Piața Universității, and starting from last year the fair has a new location, much more generous: Piața Constituției. A number of attractions will celebrate genuine Romanian Christmas: artistic performances, concerts, traditional food, fairytale characters, and also Santa’s house, a skating rink and a carousel, plus many other surprises.


Christmas Fair in Brașov, 06.12.2017-14.01.2018

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The Christmas Fair was inaugurated on December 6th in Piața Sfatului, where 40 wooden houses will house traditional Romanian food, cakes, cookies and gingerbread, mulled wine, plum brandy and handicraft products. There will be also two stalls for the twin-cities of Brașov – Linz and Nurnberg, cities with tradition in such events.


Christmas Fair in Cluj-Napoca, 24.11.2017-30.12.2017

The Christmas Lights were turned on in Cluj-Napoca on November 24th, together with the sound of carols and the smell of gingerbread, of mulled wine and cinnamon – which will fill Piața Unirii until the end of the year and transform the city. The festive atmosphere will be entertained by music bands, concerts, fireworks, carols, theatre plays and workshops for children.


Christmas Fair in Timișoara, 01.12.2017 – 08.01.2017

For more than a month, Piața Victoriei, and, for the first time, Piața Libertății, will host the 11th edition of the Christmas Fair, just like Sibiu. Visitors can find wooden houses, decorations, lights, shows, carols, gifts, seasonal food and many other surprises downtown.  In Piața Libertății, visitors can enjoy handcraft workshops and also activities like drawing, painting Christmas globes, wood painting and many others.

No matter what destination you choose to visit this winter, remember that in Romania, year after year, Christmas markets are more and more beautiful, vibrant and spectacular. They express traditions and customs, reflecting the authentic Romania, while being connected to the urban culture, reflecting the old and the new at the same time, in a universal language.

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