Travelling to a new place means buying small gifts for family or friends, and even a tiny something to remind
What a better way to discover the culture and traditions of a country than diving into its cuisine? It can
It’s fair to say that Romania is unlikely to enrol on the shortlist of European best museums, yet it surprises
We continue the series of our articles on Romanian balneary resorts with Sovata, another resort of this type, appreciated in
Like we mentioned in a similar article, nature was generous with Romania, awarding it with a third of the European
We are in Romania of 2016. In December this year, we celebrate 27 years since Romania has opened its borders
We spoke in a previous article about the fact that Romania is a destination for health & spa tourism in
It is really great for a country to have the geographical situation of Romania, its diversity and proportionality of relief
Here we are again at that time of the year when the magic of Christmas and New Year slowly surrounds
Strange as it may seem for a travel blog to tackle topics such as beauty, here we are talking about
`Put the crucifix away and discard that bulb of garlic - you will not need them in today's Transylvania, which
One of tourist products for which Romania is famous in the world is spa & health tourism. A third of
Welcome back in 2017 :)! It’s the beginning of the year and we are all making lists upon lists. We
Tourism, in its most profound form, means knowledge. We learn about ourselves coming into contact with new people, new places
Have you ever asked yourself this question, from thousands miles away? It’s natural to ask yourself this and it is
Here we are again at that time of the year when the magic of Christmas and New Year slowly surrounds
Romania is a land of wonders and there is no doubt about this. Nature, culture, traditions, rural authentic architecture, activities,
When it comes to travel, Bucharest remains one of the main tourist gates to Romania. The distinctive air of the
We dedicated our last articles to accessible travel, where we proposed mainly activities and destinations for tourists with special needs