Atipic beauty – a project about boundless beauty

Strange as it may seem for a travel blog to tackle topics such as beauty, here we are talking about boundless beauty. As already mentioned in a previous post, in addition to tourist information, tourist attractions, sightseeing points of interest, free-time activities, a destination is also the sum of all the beautiful people that live there and of all the wonderful projects developed by them. This is precisely the kind of project we would like to tell you about today: Atipic beauty – a project about boundless beauty.

Beauty, in all and any of its forms, has always been an inexhaustible discussion topic. Beyond the universally accepted standards, beauty remains subjective and ”lies in the eyes of the beholder”. It is most of the times a personal concept, based on a mix of factors and perceptions that do not necessarily consider esthetic benchmarks and has no preset limits. However, the onlooker is often corrupted by esthetic misconceptions, and fails to look and judge beyond appearance.

The Romanian project “Atipic Beauty” started with the clear mindset of proving that beauty is beyond esthetics and can bring down any perception barriers. This project changes perspective, and sheds a new light on beauty: beauty is the power to defeat illness, the power to unveil the true self, behind appearance and misconceptions. Every year since 2011, models in wheelchairs, dressed by Romanian fashion designers, conquer the catwalk besides local stars, within a gala event. The purpose of the fashion show is to prove that elegance has no boundaries and can fit just about everyone, without inhibitions and regardless of any physical or apparently esthetic barriers. On the other hand, bringing models in wheelchairs and stars together on the same catwalk creates cohesion and cancels any “they vs. us” perception.

The project has been initiated by Magda Coman, the president of the “Open your heart” association, she herself being immobilized in a wheelchair, an extraordinary person with a most impressive story to tell. A professional model, Magda has taken over this extremely appreciated concept in Europe, wishing to boost the self-esteem of those who were unfortunate to depend on a wheelchair and to change the perception and attitude of those who do not face such problems.

Magda Coman, President of the “Open your heart” association

Besides their physical beauty, the Atipic Beauty models in wheelchairs are successful women, being mothers, having a career and proving that limits exist solely in our minds. The main objective of the project is to improve the image of the disabled, educating people for a tolerant society, cancelling any emotional barriers stemming from misconceptions and clichés about beauty. As Magda Coman says “the difference between perfection, ideals and misconceptions resides in the set of core abilities that have to do with one’s way of being, education, intelligence and most important of all, the motivation to succeed. This kind of beauty conquers any disability and sees beyond it”.

With the remark that the most recent Atipic Beauty Gala took place on March 25, 2017 in Iasi, we invite you to enjoy the company of the models on the Atipic Beuty catwalks and a video of one of the previous editions.

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