About us

Accessible Romania is an initiative of the Association CED Romania – Center of Excellence through Diversity, an NGO, non-profit whose activity during the last years focused on the analysis of the accessible tourism as a fundamental right, from the perspective of social responsibility but also as a market opportunity for the organizations acting the tourism sector.


Irina is the Project Manager for www.accessibleromania.com.

irina-9-1Her theoretical competencies as MSc in Tourism Geography added to 13 years of experience as a tourism professional and in online communication for tourism businesses make of Irina a multi-disciplinary tourism expert. She put full commitment, passion and hard work in the development of this project. Her efforts were even harder as she assumed this role on a voluntary basis, Irina’s permanent job being as Travel Manager within Sano Touring. She is truly dedicated to the tourism for all concept and is permanently looking for opportunities that may be transformed in realities concurring to the achievement of our devotion to turn Romania into a welcoming tourist destination for all.

Corina, MSc in Public Relations and holding tourism management, tourist guide and ENAT accessible travel specialist level I certifications, she volunteers as Accessible Travel expert. Corina was the pioneer of accessible tourism in Romania, by setting up the first dedicated tour operator in 2012: I EXPLORE. She faced with great enthusiasm, determination and hard work the inherent difficulties of an absolutely new trade for Romania, where major shortcomings were not at all connected to her taking the right actions, but to educational, infrastructure and mentality barriers. Unfortunate circumstances forced her to shut down the travel business two years later, but she has never abandoned the idea she is passionate about: disability inclusiveness and equity. She, therefore, turned the former I Explore website into Accessible Romania travel blog www.accessibleromania.co.uk, which she keeps updated while searching for new opportunities. We met Corina at the beginning of 2015 when our commitment to improve accessibility and promote accessible tourism in Romania had already been set. She listened to our ideas, openly shared her personal experiences, and agreed to join our projects, where she put her distinct personal touch as both accessible travel specialist and online PR and communication expert.

Andrei, PhD in Tourism Geography brings the team the competencies of a scientist and University teacher.

andrei-6He is involved in projects that address research in fields such as accessibility or tourism resources and makes possible the liaison between public, business, non-profit and academic sectors that can successfully concur to raising awareness on tourism for all.

Andrei brings a valuable contribution in designing and implementing projects that include research or educational components, as he has the dual deep understanding of both theoretical concepts and the reality of non-profits and academic environments.



cri-8Cristina, BA in International Business Management is the Founder and the President of CED Romania Association.

For 18 years, Cristina is involved in business management consulting focusing on EU funding.

Her previous 8 years of experience in the tourism sector as Marketing Manager of a top 3 Romanian business travel operator adds up to management skills and competencies required to successfully run a non-profit that addresses tourism as the most important development directions.

With a market-oriented approach, Cristina seizes new opportunities, being always ready to generate new project ideas and to create or join new partnerships, locally and internationally, that support the Association’s long-term objectives.

She encourages the team members to be creative, and strongly sustains any initiative coming from them and is in line with CED Romania’s goals.

Dragoș, Lawyer is the Executive Director of CED Romania.

dragos-2Dragoș brings the team his 15+ years of expertise in legal affairs, making sure that any action we take is fully compliant with domestic and EU legal frame.

He runs the Association’s day-to-day operations and is the volunteers’ coordinator.

Marius, BSc in Finances and Accounting is the Association’s Chartered accountant.